mechatronics engineering demand in canada

6 years ago I attend a Canadian school for mechatronics, alumni seem to be in high demand and landing jobs at apple, Facebook, Microsoft etc. Before heading to the main point of the article- advantages of pursuing mechatronics engineering, let us take a look at basic details associated with this field of engineering. Course: Master of Engineering and Graduate Certificate in Engineering programs Department: Office of Advanced Engineering Education Description: As one of the fastest-growing fields within technology and engineering, a graduate degree in robotics offers you career opportunities in diverse industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, defense, and even healthcare. Geotechnical engineers use geologists’ analyses of the earth to calculate how a structure should be supported. Products can’t be sold without packaging! The field of petroleum engineering is also predicted to grow 10% from 2014 to 2024. Agricultural engineers assess the environmental impact of farming methods and work to design more effective equipment. degrees (Bachelors of Science) or B.Eng. As a packaging engineer, you may also devise new ways of packaging things like moisturizers and deodorants which have a dispensing function. Mechatronics Careers: Overview, Demand, Jobs, Salaries and Top Universities Co-authored by Sujoy Sengupta What is Mechatronics? ready for a new challenge in your engineering career? In this case, ones that serve a medical purpose. google_ad_height = 250; Mechatronics engineers often need to apply knowledge of both mechanical and electrical engineering. Biomedical engineers have an extremely rewarding job, knowing that their work is helping people overcome medical challenges and illnesses. Career and employment opportunities for Canadian university students graduating in Mechatronics Engineering. (Bachelors in Engineering) degrees and usually take 3 years to graduate in the EU, and 4 years in the USA. Job description of a Mechatronics Technician. Mechatronic engineers are experts in a variety of engineering fields, from mechanical engineering to electrical engineering to computer engineering. This field is in high demand in Canada, so there are plenty of job opportunities. What Mechatronics Engineering Students LearnTopics and concepts that are covered and the overall approach or focus taken in studying Mechatronics Engineering. Mechatronics engineer needs at least a bachelor's degree to obtain entry-level position. Engineers with a passion for the environment should consider a career that involves improving recycling, waste disposal, and pollution control. Mechatronic engineers are experts in a variety of engineering fields, from mechanical engineering to electrical engineering to computer engineering. Many biomedical engineers start their careers with the intent of becoming a doctor but find that their interests lie in the technical side of medicine. Packaging engineers work out new, effective ways of keeping products safe and fresh. /* 300x250, Canada University Programs */ Quality Engineering. mechatronics engineer. This degree also allows them to apply for the professional engineering (P.Eng) designation, which allows them more employment opportunities within government agencies. TL;DR: Read it anyway if you REALLY want the TRUE answer. Humber College’s Bachelor of Engineering program at Sault College offers students the opportunity to dive deeper into the research, technology and emerging needs in the field of Mechatronics, states the release, adding graduates of this program will be equipped to pursue in-demand careers as civil, mechanical, electrical/electronic and computer engineers. Thanks for the A2A. Engineers who love boats and water: marine engineering may be your perfect fit. Because mechatronics engineers have interdisciplinary training, they are always in high demand and can find work in a wide variety of fields. google_ad_client = "pub-9569382613408432"; Though the energy industry is moving towards renewable options, traditional power methods are still required. Our permit number in Quebec is AP-2000610. We hear you. Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Mechatronics Engineering degrees. Here are 10 engineering jobs you might not have considered a possibility: Geotechnical engineering is “the science that explains mechanics of soil and rock and its applications to the development of humankind.” Geotechnical engineering is a form of civil engineering that includes the analysis, design and construction of foundations, slopes, retaining structures, embankments, roadways, tunnels, levees, wharves, landfills and other systems that are made of or are supported by soil or rock. Agricultural engineers develop, design, test and maintain agricultural machinery and equipment. Mechatronics is a relatively new field. /* 200x90, Canada University Programs */ //-->, Copyright 2019 - Hecterra Publishing Inc. - Privacy Statement - Terms of Service. The mix of engineering, art design, and marketing allows you a chance to explore your creativity within a technical framework! Electrical and electronics engineers with advances knowledge are also in demand as consultants in many industries, from manufacturing, defense to healthcare. Research in Mechatronics EngineeringResearch areas, topics, interests and projects in Mechatronics Engineering. Present mechanical systems are either controlled by the computers, or their intelligence is enhanced by the embedded sensors and electronic circuits. Petroleum engineers analyze petroleum reservoirs and calculate whether they can be profitably extracted. Designing boats and maintaining water-bound vessels are your area of expertise. RANDSTAD,  , HUMAN FORWARD and SHAPING THE WORLD OF WORK are registered trademarks of Randstad N.V. google_ad_width = 300; The world is quickly moving towards a future where many mechanical products contain computers and electronics for monitoring or control. The instructors and staff of the Mechatronics and Robotics program are dedicated professionals with a range of experience in electrical, mechanical, engineering, and science. Basically, as an engineer you create things. Mechanical Engineering majors are offered as B.Sc. Forensic engineers are typically called to investigate product failures, to improve future performance, or to act as expert witnesses in product liability and criminal cases. As an environmental engineer, your role may include designing systems for cleaning public water or calculating how to reduce the impact of climate change. If you want to get technical, UNESCO defines engineering as: “understanding, design, development, invention, innovation, and use of materials, machines, structures, systems, and processes for specific purposes.”. More than 3,000 mechanical engineers graduate from Best Canadian universities annually. google_ad_slot = "7195061253"; Mechatronics is the combination of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering in the design of products and manufacturing processes.. Robotics is a subset of mechatronics – all robots are mechatronic! Ionic Mechatronics specializes in finding solutions tailored to meet your needs. The process of mechatronics engineering involves designing, assembling, testing, and evaluating components and products. In many cases, protective containers need to keep the product inside fresh until they can be consumed. Engineers in this field often rely on their experience with materials and industrial design. They can design and build automotive components, manufacturing equipment, aerospace systems, and biomedical testing equipment. Successful biomedical engineers help people by designing medical products or systems, such as joint replacements or surgical equipment. As with many engineering jobs, biomedical engineers design, create and test new devices and equipment. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, growth in the mining engineering field is expected to grow at 6% from 2014 to 2024. Summary. Compare salaries and apply for all the mechatronics engineering jobs in canada //-->,