A lot has changed in the past month. My boyfriend snagged an awesome job as a stereographer in LA, so we very abruptly packed up and moved to Lala Land (Burbank, officially). I myself had a huge stroke of luck and found a great internship at an animation studio. I’ll have a more substantial post regarding all that later.

On to more pressing matters– HALLOWEEN. This year, we decided to geek out entirely with our costume choices. Corey is going as Waluigi and I’m going as evil Princess Peach (because I’m brown. It makes sense).

I’ve been itching to paint something for a while, so I drew Peach. I ended up in an all day fist fight with Photoshop CS5 — I just can’t get the new brushes to work like the old brushes, i.e. having it blend instead up buildup. In the end, I just did a nice doodle with some tones.