It’s a traaaap!

This weekend is Star Wars Celebration, the ultimate con for Star Wars fans. This year it’s taking place in beautiful swampy Orlando, so I couldn’t pass it up. At the last second, I found out that Lucas Licensing is hosting portfolio reviews, so now I’m scrambling to get something together to show. I figured I might as well as paint some fanart, so of course I had to paint some Admiral Ackbar.

Note to myself: If I’m an idiot again and forget to disable Digital Vibrance in my graphic card settings for the Cintiq, use this awesome Photoshop action to fix the art in post. (i.e., that setting makes the Cintiq’s screen look more saturated, so whatever colors I paint with aren’t really what I’m looking at– something that becomes painfully evident when I open it up on any other monitor. Gah.)