Adonit Jot Pro Review

First impressions: I feel a bit neutral towards the Jot Touch at the moment. While the stylus is definitely the BEST mobile stylus on the market right now, I don’t necessarily feel like developers are taking advantage of the abilities of the stylus to justify the $100 price tag. I’m not sure yet if this is an issue on the side of the developers, or if it’s a limitation of the Jot Pro’s 256 levels of sensitivity. I’m more inclined to believe it’s a dev thing.

For comparison and demonstration sake, I went through all the Jot Pro compatible apps I had (Artrage, Sketchclub, Sketchbook Pro, Animation Desk, Procreate) and tested all the brushes at the default settings. Results might improve with tweaking of individual brush settings, but here it is straight out of the box.

Each brush, from lightest pressure to gradually heavier pressure:











The goal of each brush test was to create a smooth gradient between the lightest pressure needed to start a light, all the way to the full pressure. As you can see from the samples, it currently feels like there is a “light” pressure mode, and a “heavy” pressure mode, with little in between.
Adonit has mentioned on their Facebook that some developers have chosen to not implement the full 256 levels of sensitivity so I’m curious to see how many levels each developer has implemented If anyone out there has had drastically different results than mine, please share your settings. This stylus has incredible potential, and hopefully each developer will revise their implementation in the near future.

Below is a quick terrible doodle in Procreate to demonstrate the current abilities. You can see it allows for more natural sketching, so it’s definitely the BEST stylus available for iPad right now… but I’d like to see a “middle” pressure level implemented by developers to really make this a Wacom competitor.

Updated Review: