Owls vs Sharks

It’s done. My first complete “short.” 😀 Owls. Versus sharks. Tale as old as time, right? Long time readers might remember where this all technically began. Remember this? I began this short as a way to run through an entire…

Owl Holiday Shopping Guide

Let it be known that I love owls. Not only do I love them, but I’m rather particular as to which owls are deserving of my undying and everlasting love. I generally see two types of them out in the franchised wild: The “SCREEEECH IMMA GONNA EAT YA” owls, and then the fat, happy, & incredibly stupid looking owls. This list is mainly comprised of the later. Here you’ll find 30 owl items from across the vast internets ranging from clothing & accessories to kitchenware, all for the owl lover in your life.