Fancy Dino in Technicolor

Fancy dinosaur eating a cat in Las Vegas, by special request. (Colored art. This is how I bribe coworkers to help me in Carcassonne.)

Enchantment Under the Seas

I was commissioned by a fantastic SF-based comedy group to design a poster for their upcoming fundraiser event. A Back to the Future reference featuring fancy lobsters? Yes please.


Mel (mah best friend) loves noodles. This is less art and more of a public service- do not stop Mel from getting noodles.


A lot has changed in the past month. My boyfriend snagged an awesome job as a stereographer in LA, so we very abruptly packed up and moved to Lala Land (Burbank, officially). I myself had a huge stroke of luck…

Elizabeth Taylor

My painting project this week was the lovely Elizabeth Taylor. This was a bigger challenge than the last one; her face was fully in view, and my goal was to try to get a real likeness. BTW, I hadn’t forgotten…

Vivien Leigh

I decided now is a great time to really develop better painting skills. To do so, I’m going to start off with painting a lot from black & white photo reference to try to improve my light, shadows, and values….