Fancy Dino in Technicolor

Fancy dinosaur eating a cat in Las Vegas, by special request. (Colored art. This is how I bribe coworkers to help me in Carcassonne.)

Enchantment Under the Seas

I was commissioned by a fantastic SF-based comedy group to design a poster for their upcoming fundraiser event. A Back to the Future reference featuring fancy lobsters? Yes please.

New Job

I have accepted a job offer as a Game Artist/Animator at a cool social game company in the area. I’ll still be freelancing at the animation studio I currently work at, so it’ll be the best of both worlds. As…

Quorra (Tron) iPad Painting

Another iPad painting and video! This is a super quickie of Quorra from Tron. Painted in Brushes using the Griffin stylus.

Bunny Eats Kitty (Animals Eating Animals)

Everyone remembers Animals Eating Animals, right? I had originally animated that a few years ago. I wanted to try out ToonBoom’s ink and paint capabilities, so I dusted it off, painted a bg and slapped a little color on. Magic….

iPad Painting

I might have forgotten to mention: I drink many flavors of Kool-Aid. Last summer, I went crazy trying to print and format art for a last minute portfolio. That was the last straw to drop analog portfolios altogether and try…

Owls vs Sharks

It’s done. My first complete “short.” 😀 Owls. Versus sharks. Tale as old as time, right? Long time readers might remember where this all technically began. Remember this? I began this short as a way to run through an entire…


Mel (mah best friend) loves noodles. This is less art and more of a public service- do not stop Mel from getting noodles.

Waluigi and Wapeach

“Quick” two hour painting in Photoshop CS5, so please forgive the lack of polish. Based on photos of Corey and I dressed up as Waluigi and Wapeach for Halloween.


A lot has changed in the past month. My boyfriend snagged an awesome job as a stereographer in LA, so we very abruptly packed up and moved to Lala Land (Burbank, officially). I myself had a huge stroke of luck…