Star Wars is essential to my love story.

Erik and I met because of our mutual love of scoundrels and space princesses in a galaxy far, far away. Like a warm fuzzy Tauntaun, Star Wars has always been a cozy presence in both of our lives.

Thank god he'd rather kiss a Wookiee

Thanks to my Wookie Onesie dating profile photo and my solid opener line, “Looking for love in Alderaan places”, he couldn’t wait to message me that ordering takeout and curling up to watch a Star War together was his idea of a perfect day too. Many perfect days later, we married on Batuu in Disneyland on May 4th 2022, and Billy Dee Williams delivered our Best Man Speech (thanks to our dear friends and Cameo).


Officiant: Shawn “Obi-Shawn” Crosby
Hair & Makeup: Chrissy Lynn
Photography: Carolann Voltarel
Videography: Mark Mutti
Flowers: DIY Arduino Lightsaber Bouquet
Dress: Amazon
Belt: Amazon
Shoes: Chelsea Crew Architectural Tour Heels, DIY painted silver
Purse: Bioworld Death Star Purse
Necklace: DIY Leia’s Ceremonial Necklace
Porg Garter: Cheap garter + Glue Gun + Porg patch from Enchanted Patches
Rings: Enso’s Aurebesh “I Love You / I Know” Han & Leia Rings
Ring Box: DIY 3D printed Death Star Ring Box w/ Custom Lasercut Insert
Wedding Cake: Half Baked Co

Some fun details:

We went for a pseudo Dapper Day Han & Leia look, with some addition inspiration from Leia’s ceremonial look plus one of my favorite EU books of all time, The Courtship of Princess Leia.

I custom-made my version of Leia’s ceremonial necklace, and even learned how to electroplate metal on 3D prints myself to try to get the final look I wanted. 😀

To the surprise of literally no one, I made a custom lightsaber bouquet (lightsabouquet?) using my Legacy Leia lightsaber, an Adafruit Arduino Feather, some neopixel rings, and some custom designer 3D printed parts.

Our wedding cake featured a beautiful binary sunset over Tatooine, with sandcrawlers and banthas plodding around on the horizon… topped with bride and groom Gonk droids of course.